Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I had the opportunity to meet YB Theresa Kok and she was an interesting person to talk to. This is my first to have had an interesting conversation with her. I am glad I did. Bloody hell ... yes swear .... I can't imagine that RTM2 could have said this....I think someone should demand this to be replayed and let the Rakyat decide. Here is the account by YB and I sat at awed to what she has related to me....

The presenter told the audience on the head and tails of series of political development of Thailand while showing the visual of political development in Thailand. He said all demonstrations are because the protestors reject Thaksin and his proxy party to be in power. The last line of the voice over of the programme is: “The lesson we can learn from Thai political unrest is, never let non pri-bumi to rule the country.”
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