Sunday, December 28, 2008

What the heck is this man talking about?

Sometimes, I wish that certain learned person would say something constructive. In fact, I am very sure that the Federal Government is working hard with the State Government. Anyway, thank for the advise. Penangites hope you will continue to speak with wisdom but not on this topic.

Gerakan calls for State-Federal cooperation to draw
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Gerakan today urged both the state and the federal governments to set aside
their political differences and work together to attract more foreign investors
to the state.
Penang Gerakan Liaison Committee chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock
Nan said that during the current global financial meltdown, both the federal and
state governments must take all necessary measures to ensure that existing
investors remain and continue to re-invest in the state rather than relocate
elsewhere. “Both governments must work together to coordinate efforts to create
a more conducive environment which is business friendly to encourage existing
investors to stay on in the country,” he said in a statement. He also said that
the state government should prepare a detailed and comprehensive working paper
which encompasses the aspect of retrenchment as the last resort, retrenchment
benefits, job placements, re-training and technological transformation. “The
state government should then work closely with the federal government during
these difficult times to ensure the success of all the programmes contained in
the working paper,” he said.
Teng said the economic downturn could result in
a rise in unemployment and it was inevitable that there would also be a rise in
the crime rate. “Hence, the state government and the local authorities should
work hand-in-hand with the police to tackle crime and to make sure that the
crime rate stays at its lowest,” he said.

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