Saturday, December 27, 2008

A good advise indeed - screw the rear mirror

I couldn't help reading a friend's blog of the place I now call my workplace. It is true that the entire will of a state went astray while the previous administration concentrated more of building new buildings elsewhere and dreaming of a new Mini Cyberjaya. I am glad the new administration came in after March 8. Somehow, we see more efforts being done to this place call Komtar. I grew up with this place unlike my kids who only know about Gurney Plaza or even Queensbay Mall. I brought them to the Pacific last week and I was so very proud that at least there is a glimpse of change. I hope the new administration will not stop what they are doing now. I am saddened with the article written by SS Quah. I know he meant well. Like all Penangites, I will always have questions for Ex CM - Tan Sri Koh but it is like looking at the rear mirror situation. Hence, I will leave it as that. The previous administration is worth just a rear mirror view - a very good advise for all voters and politicians. Kudos SS!

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