Thursday, December 4, 2008

You believe in the civil servants?

I am sure you have this in mind and you are reluctant to speak out. The PR Penang Government is being blamed for many inefficiencies. But have you ever thought that the civil servants could be the biggest culprit ever? I take this one because I felt strongly on this subject matter. Stay tuned. Flame me if you want cos I see a danger sign ahead.


khensthoth said...

Does the state government has any jurisdiction over the civil servant in the state?

Fishhook said...

That's the result of the NEP. The civil service get in people regardless of competency. And worse, they (not just Malays here) are allowed to rot because they are not made accountable for their actions due to bureaucracies to actually sack them.

But then we all already know that and we want change. That's why we voted the people responsible for the system out, at least from Penang. So now it's up to the new DAP gov to improve the system and change the civil servants who are under state gov for the better. Do your best first.

Frankly all we hear so far are just excuses and limitations like "it's the previous gov's fault", "we will be sued for huge sums of money', "it's under federal and state gov cannot do anything about it". I would like to hear more positive statements about the new gov. Condemning the previous gov doesn't prove that the new gov is any better.

Don't give up! We still have faith in you guys and are still counting on you for a better Penang and Malaysia.

Ask for help if you must. Look at your recent Victory Dinner. It's clear that a lot of Penangites are still willing to help out the DAP even monetarily. Get the people involved. Right now we don't even know how to help because you guys don't seem to ask for any.

Jeffrey Chew said...

Khensthoth and Fishook

The state does not have any jurisdiction other than recommend and it's up to the state secretary to decide. State secretary is also appointed by Federal. Thanks. Pour in more ideas. I believe by the time all come in, you will understand that this govt will not give excuses why it didn't succeed.

Previous govt's fault is the rear mirror view actions. Good to see but not good to guide.

Thanks for having faith. Though at times your views may be razor cutting, we know that the govt was voted in for change. 2012 is not far away. Time to crack the whip.

khensthoth said...

How about all the five Pakatan States, together with all other states ask for a decentralisation of power? Restructure the whole governance.

As it is today, too much power is wrested on the federal government, none is given to the state or the local councils. While a mayor in say, Newark (USA) can have a lot of deciding power, the mayor in our cities are comparable to a meagre government servant.

Furthermore, I hope that the Penang government fully engage the Internet and the Web - especially Web 2.0. As it is, most state department websites are badly designed and hardly multilingual. Even the Penang state government website is quite inefficient. (I would help if I knew web designing).

On Web 2.0, the state government could perhaps release ALL state assembly recording on YouTube - not just broadcasting it online. The state government should also put all their initiatives on specially designed website. A few weeks ago, I heard about an initiative called Green Penang. Sadly, there isn't any news, information nor website available.

I would like you to a green initiative by the Victorian government (since I am currently in Melbourne):

I am the Internet generation, and I know there are a lot of Malaysians and Penagites like me. We want everything on our fingertips. We crave information on the internet.

Let's hope the state government do more on that aspect.