Thursday, July 23, 2009

Extract from my private blog that is soon to be my book - Undivided Loyalty

I felt compelled to release this because it showed how arrogant one can be in resolving issues. I am sure I had my reasons for being angry but this is the truth, nothing but the truth. My theory as it stands is my personal opinion but bear with me. I think there is clear and present danger that the present BN government is throwing its weight to get political mileage in Penang. I know they got their pants caught down in Selangor but in Penang, their fangs are still showing.

Extract-he night before, I was at the public forum for Teoh Beng Hock. Last night, I attended to the Kampung Buah Pala meeting. The residents came in streams. It was evident that the residents wanted answers. Otherwise, 23 families would not have showed up. Seriously, there is a disjoint from the very beginning and I believe "mysterious" elements were swaying the entire issue from the North to the South. Nevertheless, the Chief Minister made it very clear that no one other than the residents will be allowed to be present. I am sure the Hindrafs and lawyers were fummingly made for such a request. At least for now, I am certain that decision held well. I am giving an update of what has happened. After all, being shouted at during the first meet, I had the nasty taste of what this so-called lawyer is capable of. He called me a bloody bastard and of course ended up with the term "go away office boy!" Sure Mr lawyer, you will have your day in the courts but I am serving the people and my Chief Minister is the rightful leader of the state.

The residents came in just about 8 pm. Being early for some, this experience may be quite overwhelming for some. I am certain that for many they were here to show their displeasure of the recent months leading to this meeting. I waited for the guests at the lower level 3. I knew that tension is high but I showed high respects to the residents and of course taking questions if there were any. The lawyer tried to ask for permission to head up with the residents and I took the opportunity to courteously gave him my thoughts. "You are not allowed up. Specific instructions from the Chief Minister that only residents are allowed." The lawyer rebutted " I am a resident of Penang unlike some leaders who are parachuting from Melaka." I replied, "At least he has gotten the mandate whereas you didn't. " Before he could reply, I walk away. "I am a Penangite and I am sure you are too. How can you let a Melaka resident boss you around." I replied within the crowd " Sir, you are out of line. I am working for the Penang State Government and you are not. So, please QUALIFY YOUR STATEMENT." Tension built up and Himashu of The Sun grabbed hold of me and ask me to chill. He saw the side of me that many didn't. A committed Penangite who believe that Penang is under seige by collaborators like him.

My question - why am I here? I could have decided not to. However, I had a theory for the past 4 months now. This Kampung Buah Pala incident is clearly an attempt by the Barisan Government to create chaos within the state. Obviously, well-timed, the attack on PR government in Selangor nearly achieved its objective if not for the unfortunately demise of Teoh Beng Hock. I am certain Kedah was the second. The BN government probably felt the crack within PR was the best opportunity that can ever happen while the emergence of the Human Rights Party would anger many Indians around the country to come and do a mexican stand-off in Penang on August 3. I write this with full conviction that if there were any disruptions, the BN led Federal Government would call for an emergency rule and shut the machinery of the state government down. I stand by my prediction.

Obviously, all of the parties - whether it was Hindraf or the lawyers or even the residents who are against the state are seen as the possible collaborators of the BN led government. It is no longer racial but the future of the state at stake. I had been very vocal in my text messages that could have angered some but I had to. For unselfish gains, this PR government is the rightful government of the day. Internally and externally, I will stand by my commitment to serve the party just like Teoh Beng Hock did until his untimely death. The residents will meet CM again this Friday. I will be there again. Why? 23 families have finally met the CM and he has lost his agenda.


PenAsia said...

One has to learn to pick the right battles to fight in order to win the war. Keep working sincerely for the good of the people, make sure it is known to the man on the street and people will appreciate the fruits of labour. Inch by inch, life's a cinch. Watch the video I posted in facebook - Facing the Giants. My privilage to know you. Keep up the good work :) Cal.

Jeffrey Chew said...

Thanks and the enemy is not Malaysians - it is the UMNO and BN

Fishhook said...

Kudos to you for standing your ground and not be intimidated. I can imagine it must have been quite scary being surrounded by angry people determined to create chaos at all cost. May God bless you for the good work you are doing and keep you safe.