Friday, July 17, 2009

It is time my fellow Malaysians ... it is time

If it is social injustice, how come we do not see MCA, UMNO, MIC, Gerakan or even HINDRAF HERE TODAY? I ask you why there are not here not because they support us but there is a gross injustice in Malaysia. Wayne Moorthy – where the heck are you? Ong Tee Keat – what are you so silent? Gerakan – again silent on this and Buah Pala! Samy Vellu - we have a young man that died. Najib – tell your men to investigate.

I speak as a Malaysian. I speak with pain and despair seeing crooks robbing the folks at Buah Pala. I see lawyers calling YB and special officers – Office boys. Why all these name calling ?? Why not speak about this poor soul that died today? The time has come for people to rise above the occasion. So what if it is 1 Malaysia where we can’t even trust the authorities anymore? So what if you form 1 Malaysia Foundation where non of the trustees will ever know about death within their own family under the custody of the authorities. It is time my fellow Malaysians. It is time !

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