Saturday, July 11, 2009

Surprise ... surprise

Dear Wayne,
As I enjoy my weekend, an SMS came into my mobile forwarded by a concerned citizen that showed the number of a journalist. Surprisingly, this journalist seems to act as if he is now with the residents of Buah Pala. I really wouldn't want to go into the details but do wait for a video that will soon come out showing some interesting findings. Once it is out, enjoy it.
Now, I believe the air in London is cooling and refreshing. Of course one gets into a situation where he or she will miss home very much. In this case, 5 of his fellow comrades who fought for the Indian people under Hindraf spent many months in jail. I believe Wayne had a great time championing their cause while lawyers in Malaysia mainly from DAP and PKR tried their best to get them out from ISA detention. Now, all of them are out and Wayne is feeling left out. Guess Kampung Buah Pala came at the right time. What best time is there then to beat this issue to death and gain support?
After the much revealed chronological event, it is now very apparent that HINDRAF could have been used by certain individuals with Buah Pala, or did they? Well, you be the judge. I believe the crux of the issue is this - WHO SOLD THE LAND? Sure - it was approved on 27 March 2008 - merely after it has gone through the EXCO before March 8. Premium reduced and payment was made. Why is Wayne so insistent that it was LGE responsibility to push the deal through? Wayne - come back to Malaysia. I believe LGE would love to have you back to enjoy the Malaysian hospitality. Better still, you can control the folks under you. You have lost your senses.
Wayne - grow up. 2 years ago, there was a cause. Today, the cause is more or less someone else's agenda? You should instruct your commanders to persuade the residents to meet the state. No more name callings. No more fist showing. Suggest you even want to ask that Thamaraj to shut up as come Monday, he is in for a shock. If you are following my blog, follow it. I have great respect for your principles. But of late, you have become a very difficult leader. Seriously, it is best you become a jaguh Malaysia then a jaguh Kampung. Being a jaguh kampung requires you to be here. Don't let your commanders twist the stories let alone a local journalist who speak like a BN agent now. So consider this, okay?
With best regards

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