Saturday, July 11, 2009 ... who is beating the straw man now

I read with amusement about Kampung Buah Pala's assistant secretary wanting to burn 20,000 cds and distributed throughout the country of footages containing Datuk Seri Anwar and YB Rayer's commitment to help Kampung Buah Pala. Seriously folks, I think Thamaraj has gone nuts. After all, Hindraf seems to have lost interest in this issue and Mr. Thamaraj has decided to do his own way. What is the objective when all of us well know the reasons behind Thamaraj getting evicted from his own land. Was it Anwar, LGE, Karpal or even Rayer that got you into this predicament? Sometimes when someone gets too emotional, he or she forgets the intellectual reasons behind the issue. Case in point - it was our beloved EX Chief Minister who insisted it to be sold away. Of course no one is insinuating on this but now EX CM wants to do this

This is what KTK said "I would also like to ask him (Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng) to announce and make public a chronology of the promises that DAP leaders had made before and during the last general election on this issue and quote what they have said themselves (to the residents) just as he had quoted from the 'presumably' exco minutes"

So Thamaraj, since you have chosen your path path, I think you should lighten up and treat folks at Komtar with respect. Koh Tsu Koon is playing you into a corner. Always qualify your statement because each day goes by, you are looking not so good by the day. Why am I saying this ?

Firstly, if it was really a caring BN government, why did they sell it away and at discounted price? This land could have been earmarked for heritage and your fellow residents would have gotten the best treatment ever. After all, you failed to do so and is it because you are covering your failures? In fact, you should ask KTK to resign as Minister since the KPI for good governance is missing on his part. Hence, he has no moral rights to even ask my Chief Minister list out the things that was promised. Check website. See how many people are demanding KTK to explain. I guess Thamaraj is trying to set himself up to become the next ADUN of Seri Delima. After all, if he is sincere, he wouldn't have said lots of things. Anyway, I am a tax payer and I have a right to voice my views. Mr. Thamaraj, you are being used by BN, Hindraf for the own ends. Better you regroup and speak to the state on suggestions. I believe sending out CDs won't get back your land. You will maybe get yourself elected in the expense of your fellow residents. Enough said. Sad case we see at Kampung Buah Pala - not Thamaraj but the remaining residents being led by a few misinformed persons.

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