Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why Hindraf? Why?

Are you blinded by the struggles that you fought for? Have you forgotten that when your comrades were in jail, who were the ones who fought for you? I am a Penangite and I voted with my conscience. None of you were from Penang and yet you come and make threats to our rightful Chief Minister. My take to you is this - seek your greener pastures at PutraJaya. Get yourself registered with the Registrar of Societies and form your own political party. Maybe with good fortunes, you will benefit from the rukus you are causing in Penang. I am sure many Penangites will shut their doors on you if you continue to be on a combative mood. I have always respected your struggles. But of late, you speak like BN, think like one, and even denying facts of Buah Pala that is really right in front of you. So - I have to say - sorry folks - Hindraf is not cool anymore. There are more of a distraction for BN than ever before.

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