Friday, July 17, 2009

A tribute

So , what if I write this today and tomorrow, someone picks me up for investigation? I asked myself this very question where my civil liberty rights no longer exist as a human being? I belong to an organization that believes in the corridors of power. Today, Najib has started his personal war against his enemies. Instead of direct attack against them in Perak, he has started to use MACC to intimidate and harass his political oponents. I write today with dismay and disgust. A party comrade has met his death at the MACC building in Shah Alam. "Be careful Jeff. They are coming after you and your boss," writes a friend through an SMS at 6pm today. I knew this job is hazardous but is it worth it? Coming out from the wave of strong popularity, Najib has indeed waged a warfare against his enemies. Am I worried ?

Last nite, the Buah Pala residents were expected no show but true to the surprise of many, 9 families turned up. The meeting behind closed doors lasted for 2 hours. I didn't go in but I knew a deal was struck. After all, office boys like myself can't go in. Thank god the lawyer didn't come. I believe Hindraf is a lousy organization. After all, with the death of Teoh Beng Hock, I wonder why there is such a silence on this end?Aren't they suppose to be speaking up against social justice? Hindraf, my ass!

I wear black today. Like many Malaysians, my heart goes out to the Teoh's family. He didn't die in vain. He just went to sleep and we are now in him all the way. Labor Omnia Vincit (Labor Conquers All)

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